Why Can’T Mystic Gohan Go SSJ?

What is Gohan’s true power?

First appearing during the battle with Cell, Gohan was able to become the strongest fighter in the universe by even surpassing Cell and his father in terms of power and speed..

Can Goku go mystic?

He has no need to unlock his “mystic” form, as Super Saiyan Blue creates that type of effect.

Is Mystic Gohan a transformation?

Mystic Gohan is a full transformation in super and that is the reason he can stack ssjs forms on it, he can either SSJ or Mystic Form but not both at the same time. In super they go as far as making Mystic/Ultimate Gohan having a diferente hair style from the base and SSJ forms.

Is Mystic Gohan stronger than Super Saiyan God?

Simply put, Ultimate Gohan is the character’s most powerful form, dramatically stronger than other established Saiyan transformations including Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan God.

What is Vegeta’s strongest form?

Vegeta’s Super Saiyan form is much more powerful than it was 7 years ago during the Cell Games. Vegeta has also learned to master this form without using any energy like Gohan & Goku did during their fight with Cell.

Who is the strongest Saiyan?

Broly13 Strongest: Broly Broly is the son of Paragus and the famed Legendary Super Saiyan. Currently, he is the strongest of the Saiyans in Universe 7 who even toppled even the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza in a fight.

Who is the weakest Super Saiyan?

It’s time to find out with Dragon Ball’s 17 Most Powerful (And 8 Weakest) Super Saiyans Of All Time, Officially Ranked.6 Strongest: Vegito Blue. … 5 Weakest: Super Mira And Super Fu. … 4 Strongest: Berserker Super Saiyan Kale. … 3 Strongest: Super Saiyan Cumber. … 2 Weakest: Super Saiyan Goku Jr. … 1 Strongest: 1.More items…•

Who is stronger Android 17 or Gohan?

Considering that Piccolo observed the performances of both fighters in the Tournament of Power, this serves as confirmation that Gohan is indeed stronger than Android 17. Since Dragon Ball Super turned Android 17 into a force to be reckoned with again, the comparison to Gohan has been a subject of debate for fans.

Is Mystic Gohan stronger than Broly?

Yes, by leaps and bounds. While Broly is definitely strong, he’s not THAT STRONG. It was seen when during the first Broly movie, Goku with little energy from a tired Gohan,Vegeta,Trunks and Piccolo,managed to beat Broly. … SO MYSTIC GOHAN IS STRONGER.

Why is Gohan so weak now?

I agree that Gohan(Mystic) has definitely become weaker after Buu saga. This is a consequence of Gohan neglecting his training and pursuing on becoming a professor. … Remember, after Frieza was defeated, Gohan asked Picollo to help him train again, in order to gain the power to protect his family.

Why did Vegeta never turn ssj3?

First of all, it should be noted that Vegeta couldn’t go Super Saiyan 3 in Dragon Ball Z. He simply didn’t have the physical capabilities at the time, as Super Saiyan 2 was the extent of his power. … In fact, Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta handled himself better against Beerus than Goku did in while in his Super Saiyan 3 form.

Is Gohan stronger than Vegeta?

While Vegeta arguably has the lead up until the Android Saga, Gohan is a tier above the Prince of Saiyans throughout the rest of Dragon Ball Z. Ultimate Gohan wrecks Majin Vegeta without missing a beat. If Goku’s son continued to evolve and train, Gohan could have matured into the strongest Z fighter of all time.

What is Goku’s strongest form?

Dragon Ball Super has given Goku ludicrous amounts of power that dwarf techniques such as Kaioken and Super Saiyan 3, with Son learning the likes of Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct during the latest chapter of Akira Toriyama’s franchise, but fans have managed to create a tongue twisting state that easily is the Z …

Can Mystic Gohan get stronger?

Mystic unlocks his regular ki potential at the time it was done. Saiyans can get infinitely stronger through training so Gohan can get stronger. … Gohan had a huge amount of latent power that he couldn’t naturally tap into no matter how much he trained.

Can Gohan go Super Saiyan in ultimate form?

There’s no way. Gohan cannot go Super Saiyan after getting Mystic/Ultimate form (though it’s not even really a form as much as a full power). … Point is that when going Super Saiyan, instead his power just goes past everything and he remains in base form, he has no Super Saiyan forms.

Why didn’t Gohan turn Super Saiyan on Namek?

Gohan wasn’t stable enough to control the power he did have and it wasn’t anywhere near a pre super saiyan power level. But since you asked and it is a hypothetical question i will answer it. … If gohan were to have become a super saiyan on namek before goku was out of the chamber he would have been beaten by frieza.

Is Goku mentally challenged?

No goku doesnt have a mental disability, although he hit his head as a kid. All that did was change his instincts, nothing else nothing more. He just never got a proper education because all he did all his life was train and fight, even as a kid. … Grandpa Gohan raised Goku.

What if Gohan went Super Saiyan first?

If Gohan went Super Saiyan on Planet Namek instead of Goku, he could be weaker, as strong, or stronger than Super Saiyan Goku and Freeza. … Gohan had recovered from near death during the fight, so his battle power should’ve been much higher) we do know that it was substantially lower Goku’s official 3-million number.