What Ornate Means?

What is a synonym for ornate?

ornateelaborate, over-elaborate, flowery, florid, flamboyant.grandiose, pompous, pretentious, affected, high-flown, high-sounding, orotund, fulsome, magniloquent, grandiloquent, rhetorical, oratorical, bombastic, laboured, strained, overwrought, overblown, overripe, overdone, convoluted, stilted, turgid, inflated.More items….

What is an antagonistic?

: showing dislike or opposition : marked by or resulting from antagonism an antagonistic relationship factions antagonistic to one another.

What means audacious?

adjective. extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless: an audacious explorer. extremely original; without restriction to prior ideas; highly inventive: an audacious vision of the city’s bright future. recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety, law, or the like; insolent; brazen.

What does vitally mean?

having remarkable energy, liveliness, or force of personality: a vital leader. being the seat or source of life: the vital organs. necessary to life: vital fluids. necessary to the existence, continuance, or well-being of something; indispensable; essential: vital for a healthy society.

What does orante mean?

Orans, a loanword from Medieval Latin ōrāns translated as one who is praying or pleading, also orant or orante, is a posture or bodily attitude of prayer, usually standing, with the elbows close to the sides of the body and with the hands outstretched sideways, palms up.

What does ornate look like?

If something is ornate — whether it’s a ball gown, a set of dishes, or a poem — it seems to be covered in ornaments. It’s lavish, flowery, or heavily adorned. Look at the first four letters of ornate, and you’ll spot the beginning of its close relative ornament.

How do you use the word ornate in a sentence?

Ornate sentence examplesThe church of St Stephen, outside the town, retains its ornate Norman font. … muliebri ornate in Tacitus), and in middle high German by Hartungen. … After parking his vehicle—no easy chore with the summer traffic—he entered the beautiful and ornate Victorian hotel.More items…

What’s another word for dissent?

SYNONYMS FOR dissent 4, 6 disagreement, dissatisfaction, opposition.

What flamboyant means?

adjective. strikingly bold or brilliant; showy: flamboyant colors. conspicuously dashing and colorful: the flamboyant idol of international society. florid; ornate; elaborately styled: flamboyant speeches.

What is flowery language?

Flowery language occurs when elaborate words are substituted for simple ones and longer sentences are used to try to convey multiple ideas. It is an attempt to make themselves sound like they know more about a subject by using jargon terms and connecting different concepts together.

What does florid mean?

adjective. reddish; ruddy; rosy: a florid complexion. flowery; excessively ornate; showy: florid writing.

What does gargantuan mean in English?

adjective. gigantic; enormous; colossal: a gargantuan task.

What is unadorned?

: not adorned : lacking embellishment or decoration : plain, simple.

What is ornamentation?

Ornamentation, in music, the embellishment of a melody, either by adding notes or by modifying rhythms. … In European music, ornamentation is added to an already complete composition in order to make it more pleasing.

What is ornate decoration?

English Language Learners Definition of ornate : covered with decorations : covered with fancy patterns and shapes. : using many fancy words.

What does fancy mean?

noun. plural fancies. Definition of fancy (Entry 2 of 3) 1a : a liking formed by caprice rather than reason : inclination took a fancy to the mutt. b : amorous fondness : love She took a fancy to the young man.