What Is The Synonym Of Perturbed?

What is a fancy word for smell?

Some common synonyms of smell are aroma, odor, and scent.

While all these words mean “the quality that makes a thing perceptible to the olfactory sense,” smell implies solely the sensation without suggestion of quality or character..

Which word is opposite of frugality?

What is the opposite of frugality?self-indulgenceexcessdissipationgluttonyincontinenceindulgencewildnessagitationrashnesscarelessness3 more rows

How do you use the word dissent?

Examples of dissent in a Sentence Noun Church leaders permitted no dissent from church teachings. He did everything in his power to suppress political dissent. These dissents come from prominent scientists and should not be ignored. She argued in her dissent that Congress had exceeded its authority.

What is an example of dissent?

Dissent is defined as a disagreement in opinion. An example of dissent is the decision to vote differently from one’s friends in the student council election.

What is the antonym of perturbed?

Antonyms of PERTURB delight, stimulate, lift, not bother, soothe, enlighten, clarify, clear up, aid, encourage, tranquilize, make happy, calm, cheer, help, please, alleviate, quiet, gratify, allay, comfort, excite, explain.

What does perturb mean?

verb (used with object) to disturb or disquiet greatly in mind; agitate. to throw into great disorder; derange. Astronomy. to cause perturbation in the orbit of (a celestial body).

What’s another word for dissent?

SYNONYMS FOR dissent 4, 6 disagreement, dissatisfaction, opposition.

What does concur mean?

to accord in opinion; agree: Do you concur with his statement? to cooperate; work together; combine; be associated: Members of both parties concurred. to coincide; occur at the same time: His graduation concurred with his birthday.

What are the 10 basic smells?

There Are Only 10 Odor Types That Humans Can Smell Now, researchers have used mathematics to describe odors systematically and simplify them into 10 categories: fragrant, woody/resinous, fruity (non-citrus), chemical, minty/peppermint, sweet, popcorn, lemon, pungent and decayed.

What is the meaning of sniff?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1a : to inhale through the nose especially for smelling sniffed at the flowers. b : to take air into the nose in short audible breaths She sniffed and wiped her nose.

How do you say something smells good?

Words That Describe Pleasant Smellsambrosial – sweet smelling, fragrant, aromatic.aromatic – perfumed, fragrant, scented, sweet smelling, pungent, usually pleasing.bouquet – the particular smell of a wine or flower.delicious – a pleasant smell.More items…•