What Is The Antonym Of Brooding?

What is the antonym of brood?


( Synonyms.

sit down breed sit multiply reproduce procreate incubate cover hatch.


arise stay in place divide decrease unmask..

What is the synonym of brooding?

Synonyms. pondering musing reflective ruminative meditative contemplative broody pensive thoughtful.

What is the synonym of drone?

noun. 1’the drone of aircraft taking off’ SYNONYMS. hum, buzz, whir, whirring, vibration, murmur, murmuring, purr, purring, hiss, hissing, whisper, whispering, sigh. 2’students came to be regarded as drones supported by taxpayers’ money’

What is the opposite of brooding?

Antonyms: thoughtless. Synonyms: contemplative, meditative, pensive, wistful, broody, reflective, ruminative, musing, pondering.

What does it mean when a person is brooding?

When you’re brooding, you might be depressed about something you just can’t stop thinking about — like the lead character in Hamlet. Brooding can also mean you’re being extremely thoughtful, contemplative, meditative, musing, reflective, or ruminative — those are all good things.

What is a synonym for mope?

In this page you can discover 70 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mope, like: be low-spirited, fret, grieve, droop, pine away, despond, sink, lose-heart, brood, pine and yearn.

What’s another word for mythical?

Some common synonyms of mythical are apocryphal, fabulous, fictitious, and legendary.

What is the antonym for mythical?

What is the opposite of mythical?actualexistentsoberunimaginativeuninspiredgravenormalprosaicserioussincere8 more rows

What does it mean if someone is broody?

broody adjective (OF PERSON) If someone, especially a woman, is broody, she feels as if she would like to have a baby: Much to her surprise, Ruth started feeling broody in her late twenties.

What is another word for briskly?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for briskly, like: quickly, vigorously, energetically, readily, rapidly, agilely, incisively, brusquely, impulsively, nimbly and dexterously.

What does it mean if a woman is broody?

The definition of broody is unhappy and moody, or is really wanting to have a baby or, in the case of a hen, really wanting to lay eggs. … A woman who really wants to get pregnant is an example of someone who might be described as broody.

What is a myth simple definition?

a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, especially one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature. stories or matter of this kind: realm of myth.

What hormone makes you want a baby?

Oxytocin. Oxytocin is often known as the “hormone of love” because it is involved with lovemaking, fertility, contractions during labor and birth and the release of milk in breastfeeding. It helps us feel good, and it triggers nurturing feelings and behaviors.

What does broody mean in British slang?

English Language Learners Definition of broody : serious and sad. of a hen : ready to lay and sit on eggs. British, informal, of a woman : wanting to have a baby.

What is another word for legendary?

Some common synonyms of legendary are apocryphal, fabulous, fictitious, and mythical.