What Is An Example Of Indictment?

What happens after the grand jury issues an indictment?

After a grand jury indictment, a defendant has the opportunity to enter a plea.

A guilty plea could lead to a quick sentencing hearing or the imposition of a pre-arranged plea bargain with prosecutors.

If a defendant has yet to be arrested, he or she could be following the indictment..

What happens in an indictment?

During indictment, the grand jury will determine whether there is enough evidence against the defendant to proceed with trial. The jury will review the proposed charge, physical evidence, and witness testimony that is presented by the prosecutor. All capital crimes and death penalty cases must be brought by indictment.

What is the main purpose of an indictment?

The purpose of an indictment is to inform an accused individual of the charge against him or her so that the person will be able to prepare a defense.

How long does an indictment take?

The longest one I did was 5 years. But you have to understand, it depends on whether the person is out of jail or in jail, because all the cases where the guy’s in jail waiting for trial are rushed along. If they were in jail, it would usually take no more than 18 months from when I filed the indictment to verdict.

Can you be indicted without knowing?

Finally, and unfortunately, you may have already been charged with a crime and not know it. Federal prosecutors can ask a grand jury to indict you, and then ask a court to seal that indictment. If that happens, you could walk around for days or weeks or months having been charged and not even know it.

What is the difference between being charged and indicted?

“Being charged” with a crime means the prosecutor filed charges. An indictment means the grand jury filed charges against the defendant.

How can I find out if someone has been indicted?

If you are the defendant, send a letter to the clerk and the court requesting notice of future court dates. Call the district clerk’s office and ask if an indictment has been returned. Ask when the grand jury meets. Sets of indictments are made public usually a day or two after a grand jury meets.

What’s another word for indicted?

What is another word for indicted?accusedchargedinculpatedtaxedaccused ofarraigned forcharged withprosecuted forimpeached formade accusations about69 more rows

What is the definition of indictment?

a formal accusation initiating a criminal case, presented by a grand jury and usually required for felonies and other serious crimes. any charge, accusation, serious criticism, or cause for blame. the state of being indicted.

How do you use indictment in a sentence?

Indictment sentence examplesThey moved to quash the indictment on which he was brought to trial. … The more unanswerable this tremendous indictment appears upon the evidence the greater the probability that the evidence is incomplete. … The serial killer was found guilty and given an indictment for his crimes.More items…

What comes after an indictment?

After you’re indicted, then you’ll go to trial. Getting to trial, however, isn’t as cut and dry as it’s portrayed on television. There will be numerous pre-trial hearings, and depending on how busy the courts are in your state, it can be months or even years before you’ll ever make it before a jury.

Who can issue an indictment?

Simply stated, an indictment is a formal accusation against someone who is suspected of committing a serious crime, filed after the conclusion of a grand jury investigation. So what is an indictment and how does it differ from a criminal complaint filed by a prosecutor?