What Does Scog Mean?

Is YEX a word?

yex n.

(archaic or dialectal) a hiccup..

What does Scog stand for?

SCOGAcronymDefinitionSCOGSelf-Contained Oxygen GeneratorSCOGSoccer Club of Guilford (Guilford, CT)SCOGSteel-Cut Oat Groats (grain milling)SCOGStanding Committee on Glaciation2 more rows

What does YEX mean?

Definition of ‘yex’ 1. a hiccup. verb. 2. to belch.

Is Scog a Scrabble word?

SCOG is a valid scrabble word.

What does Orary mean?

: an apparatus showing the relative positions and motions of bodies in the solar system by balls moved by a clockwork.

What is a synonym for Orrery?

orrery(n.) Synonyms: planetarium.

Is YIX a word?

YIX is not a valid scrabble word.