Quick Answer: Who Is Best Character In Free Fire?

Who is king of free fire?

Sultan ProsloSultan Proslo is the king of the Free Fire in the World..

Which gun is best in free fire?

The Groza is the best assault rifle in Free Fire and is one of the most sought after weapons. It has a base damage of 61 and offers a sturdy rate of fire. The weapon also provides significant stability and accuracy, making it a suitable weapon for mid-range as well as long-range battles in Free Fire.

Who is the best character in Free Fire 2020?

Top 10 best character in Free Fire 2020DJ Alok.Luqueta.Clu.Jota.Wolfrahh.A124.Steffie.Kapella.More items…•

Who is the fastest character in free fire?

JosephJoseph – He is the fastest character in the game. The catch is that he cannot activate his ability voluntarily. The ‘Nutty Movement’ passive ability increases Joseph’s movement speed by 20%, which way faster than any other character in the game.

Which mp40 skin is best in free fire?

MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40) is a submachine gun chambered in Free Fire where it is the best to shoot or use in Short ranges. You can get better of your foes at short ranges using this Gun in-game….It deals 2X damage at short range.Damage48Movement speed63Rate of fire83Accuracy172 more rows•Nov 27, 2020

Which country has most free Fire players?

IndonesiaIndonesia was the winner of the Free Fire World Cup 2019 and has a total of 38 players. Some of the big names from this country are Mr13, Manay and Cupay, who played an essential role in the country’s success.

Who is richest noob in free fire?

Lokesh Gamer1. Who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire? Famous Youtube Streamer Lokesh Gamer is known as the Richest Noob in Free Fire by his fans. 2.

Who is the No 1 player in free fire?

TSG JashThe player’s name is TSG Jash who is believed to be the world’s No 1 player. As mentioned above, TSG Jash has been the no 1 Free Fire Player in world.

Is Hayato better than Alok?

Both abilities are outstanding and could be utilised in various situations. However, Hayato is a potent pick for aggressive players who like to get their hands dirty, while DJ Alok is more of a sentinel pick and can be used to play defensively and attack, or rotate with the help of his abilities.

Who did highest kill in free fire?

In particular, Jash is among the top 1% players of Garena Free Fire. Despite his teenage, he has been worldwide popular for his amazing headshot kills, wins, and KD ratio.

Who is God of free fire in world?

SULTAN PROSLO He belongs to the Heroic Tier and his badge point is 25089. He belongs to the NESC-IND guild and is considered to be the world’s best Free Fire player by many. His YouTube channel, Dyland PROS has got over 9.5 million subscribers.

Which is the best character skill in free fire?

#2 Alok + Jota + Joseph + Kelly Drop the Beat creates an aura of 5m that restores 5HP for 10 seconds and increases the allies’ movement speed by 15%. Nutty Movement increases the moving and sprinting speed of players by 20% upon taking damage. Kelly’s ability, Dash, increases the speed of the users by 6%.

Which new gun is coming in free fire?

Garena says Free Fire will get its first ever dual-wielding weapon – Vector Akimbo – that will allow users to cause damage to their opponents from both hands. As mentioned, a few weapons will be adjusted. The M4A1 assault rifle will do more damage and its rate of fire as well as range will be increased, as per a post.

Is Hayato best character in free fire?

Characters with abilities are a unique aspect of Garena Free Fire. Each character has a unique ability, aiding the users on the battlefield. … Hayato is one of the most used characters in Free Fire, and many players look for the best combinations to make use of with him.