Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Incautious?

What’s another word for not careful?


not cautious; careless; reckless; heedless..

What does sanguine mean?

cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident: a sanguine disposition; sanguine expectations. reddish; ruddy: a sanguine complexion. (in old physiology) having blood as the predominating humor and consequently being ruddy-faced, cheerful, etc.

What are unguarded thoughts?

Others say that our mind will beat us up if we allow self-destructive thoughts in. … These are very basic interpretations of what takes place in our mind. Bearing in mind that we are beings of body, soul and spirit; thinking is a soul activity and in our soul, thoughts usually take place automatically.

Is incautiously a word?

adj. Not cautious; rash. in·cau′tious·ly adv. in·cau′tious·ness n.

What does Poverish mean?

To make poor, impoverish.

How do you describe a careful person?

SYNONYMS FOR careful 1 watchful, guarded, chary, circumspect. 2 meticulous, discerning. 3 conscientious. 4 thoughtful, concerned, solicitous, attentive, heedful, regardful.

What do you call someone who is very careful?

tactful. adjective. someone who is tactful is very careful in the way that they speak and behave so that they do not upset other people.

Is impoverished a bad word?

Impoverished describes being really, really poor, either from having no money or being in bad health. Impoverished comes from the Old French word povre, which means “poor,” and you can almost see the word poverty inside impoverished. …

Is helluva a real word?

adjective, adverb Pronunciation Spelling. hell of a (used as an intensifier): We had a helluva time getting through the heavy traffic.

What is an inconspicuous person?

1. adjective. Someone who is inconspicuous does not attract attention to themselves. I’ll try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Synonyms: unobtrusive, hidden, unnoticeable, retiring More Synonyms of inconspicuous.

What’s a pseudo?

Pseudo is something or someone fake trying to pass as the real thing — a fraud or impostor. Pseudo can be a person who is a faker, but it’s usually a prefix. For example, a pseudo-intellectual is trying to convince you he has a great, educated mind, even though he doesn’t. … Anything pseudo isn’t real or genuine.

What does bespectacled mean?

adj wearing, or having the face adorned with, eyeglasses or an eyeglass. “a bespectacled grandmother” Synonyms: monocled, spectacled adorned, decorated. provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction.

What is the meaning of unguarded?

adjective. not guarded; unprotected; undefended. open; frank; guileless: an unguarded manner. exposed to attack or capture by the opponent without recourse by the player, as a card, chess piece, etc.: an unguarded queen of clubs; an unguarded pawn.

What is the meaning of inconsequential?

adjective. of little or no importance; insignificant; trivial. inconsequent; illogical. irrelevant.

What does circumspect mean in the Bible?

The word circumspect was borrowed from Latin circumspectus, from circumspicere, “to be cautious.” The basic meaning of Latin circumspicere is “to look around.” Near synonyms are prudent and cautious, though circumspect implies a careful consideration of all circumstances and a desire to avoid mistakes and bad …

What is the meaning of unguarded moment?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English an unguarded momenta time when you are not paying attention to what you are doing or saying In an unguarded moment, he admitted that he wanted to quit his job.

What do you call someone who is careful?

cautious, heedful, alert, aware, attentive, watchful, vigilant, wary, on guard, chary, circumspect, prudent, mindful, guarded. unhurried, measured, deliberate. informal leery, cagey. ANTONYMS.

What is another word for poor?

SYNONYMS FOR poor 1 needy, indigent, necessitous, straitened, destitute, penniless, poverty-stricken.

What does inconspicuously mean?

adjective. not conspicuous, noticeable, or prominent.

What is the definition of circumspect?

adjective. watchful and discreet; cautious; prudent: circumspect behavior.