Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Antics?

Is silly a rude word?

In north America the word is generally harmless.

When you call someone silly, you are not insulting their intelligence.

Rather, you are likely calling them goofy, funny, playful (often in a childish way).

So if you’re from North America, and you’re speaking with someone from other places, try not to use the word silly..

What is the opposite of shenanigans?

▲ Opposite of an illicit or ridiculous activity or escapade. seriousness. work. Noun.

What does the word grotesque?

Use grotesque to describe things that are very strange and ugly in an unnatural way. If something “grosses you out,” you can safely refer to it as grotesque. Grotesque also refers to a style of art that uses odd and fanciful combinations of natural, human, and animal forms.

Are Capers good for you?

Nutrition and Benefits Capers are a low-calorie, low-carb, and low-fat food. 1 They’re generally not eaten in big enough quantities (due to the taste) to contribute any significant nutritional value, but they are high in vitamin K and good sources of copper, iron, and magnesium.

What is a synonym for the word antics?

noun. ( ˈæntɪk) A ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement. Synonyms. trick dirty trick caper joke recreation prank put-on practical joke diversion. Antonyms.

Is playfulness a synonym for antics?

Similar words for antics: playfulness (noun) shenanigans (noun) sportiveness (noun) other synonyms.

What does caper mean in English?

a playful jump or leapcaper in American English 1. to skip or jump about in a playful manner; frisk; gambol. 2. a playful jump or leap.

What does antics mean in slang?

Usually antics. a playful trick or prank; caper. a grotesque, fantastic, or ludicrous gesture, act, or posture.

What are old things called?

Some common synonyms of old are ancient, antiquated, antique, archaic, obsolete, and venerable.

What does preoccupied mean?

1 : previously applied to another group and unavailable for use in a new sense —used of a biological generic or specific name. 2a : lost in thought also : absorbed in some preoccupation. b : already occupied.

Is being silly a good thing?

Studies show that having fun and being silly: Makes us smarter. Reduces stress. Balances hormone levels. Gives us more energy.

What does gingerly mean?

Gingerly is defined as something done carefully and cautiously. When you carefully place an expensive vase down on a table, this is an example of putting the vase down gingerly. adverb.

What is a romp?

1 : one that romps especially : a romping girl or woman. 2a : high-spirited, carefree, and boisterous play. b : something suggestive of such play: such as. (1) : a light fast-paced narrative, dramatic, or musical work usually in a comic mood.

What’s another word for shenanigans?

Similar words for shenanigans: deviltry (noun) foolishness (noun) hanky-panky (noun) high jinks (noun)

How do you use the word antics in a sentence?

Matthew was laughing uncontrollably over the antics of the puppy. His antics caused her to drop the skillet, splashing gravy and water on her shirt. The meat was smoking hot and the knives and forks were performing strange antics and jumping here and there in quite a puzzling way.

What does silliness mean?

1. Having or exhibiting a lack of good judgment or common sense; foolish. See Synonyms at foolish. 2. Lacking seriousness or responsibleness; frivolous: indulged in silly word play; silly pet names for each other.

Is it rude to call someone silly?

It does indicate that you are not being serious, or that you are not being considered seriously. It is closer to the meaning of the word “crazy”, in the sense that something doesn’t make sense. “Silly” is usually not intended as a serious insult.

How do you use the word shenanigans?

Shenanigans definitions Mischievous play, especially by children. Billy and Tom are playing noisily upstairs again. They’re up to their usual shenanigans. A deceitful confidence trick, or mischief causing discomfort or annoyance.