Quick Answer: What Is A Meaning Of The Word Expand?

What participate means?

verb (used without object), par·tic·i·pat·ed, par·tic·i·pat·ing.

to take or have a part or share, as with others; partake; share (usually followed by in): to participate in profits; to participate in a play..

What’s another word for expands?

Some common synonyms of expand are amplify, dilate, distend, inflate, and swell.

When something gets bigger or develops?

When something develops, it grows. And if you develop something, you create it. Your cold might develop into a rare disease, and you might just develop the vaccine to stop its spread. Develop is a verb that means to build up, grow, or improve gradually over time.

What does expand upon mean?

: to speak or write about (something) in a more complete or detailed way : elaborate on She declined to expand on her earlier statement. Please expand on that idea. Researchers will expand upon their data in a new study.

What is the meaning of explain?

Explain, elucidate, expound, interpret imply making the meaning of something clear or understandable. To explain is to make plain, clear, or intelligible something that is not known or understood: to explain a theory or a problem.

What is a good sentence for expansion?

Expansion sentence examples. Six years later began the rapid expansion of Russia in Central Asia, and at the end xxiii. The expansion of trade was due to the establishment of a boat route directly to the island.

What is the meaning of expand in science?

An increase in the volume of a substance while its mass remains the same. Expansion is usually due to heating. When substances are heated, the molecular bonds between their particles are weakened, and the particles move faster, causing the substance to expand.

How do we expand sentences?

In sentence-expanding, [you] give students a phrase from the selected sentence for them to expand into as long a sentence as possible without using correlative conjunctions or committing any syntactical errors.

What does Expands mean?

The verb expand means to make something bigger or wider. It might refer to something concrete, as when you blow into a balloon and make it expand, or something more abstract, as when you study to expand your mind.

What is an example of Expand?

Expand is defined as to increase in size, unfold or spread out. An example of expand is someone making friends at a party. An example of expand is a pregnant woman’s belly. An example of expand is someone gathering more knowledge about a topic.

When something expands what does it become?

If something expands or is expanded, it becomes larger. If something such as a business, organization, or service expands, or if you expand it, it becomes bigger and includes more people, goods, or activities.

What is the meaning of expand the number?

more … Writing a number to show the value of each digit. It is shown as a sum of each digit multiplied by its matching place value (ones, tens, hundreds, etc.) For example: 4,265 = 4 × 1,000 + 2 × 100 + 6 × 10 + 5 × 1.

What does expound mean?

verb (used with object) to set forth or state in detail: to expound theories. to explain; interpret.

How do you use the word expound?

Examples of expound in a Sentence The article expounds the virtues of a healthy diet. When asked to expound, he had no comment.

What is the same as expand?

SYNONYMS. grow, become larger, make larger, become bigger, make bigger, increase in scope, increase in size. extend, augment, broaden, widen, develop, diversify, multiply, add to, build up, scale up. branch out, broaden one’s horizons, extend one’s operations. spread, proliferate, mushroom.

What is the meaning of expand in maths?

Expand is when we multiply to remove the ( ) But we have to do it the right way! Example: To expand 3(a+b) we multiply 3 by (a+b) to get 3a + 3b. Algebra – Expanding.