Quick Answer: What Does Theretofore Mean?

How do you use the word hitherto?

Use the adverb hitherto when you’re describing a state or circumstance that existed up until now.

If you find a hitherto undiscovered hidden tunnel in your cellar, you’re the first to discover it..

What is the opposite of heretofore?

Near Antonyms for heretofore. afterward. (or afterwards), later, subsequently.

Is hitherto archaic?

8 Answers. Merriam-Webster Unabridged does not flag hitherto as “archaic.” Macmillan does mark hitherto as “very formal” but it’s by no means outdated. Whoever marked you down for using an “archaic” word is wrong (unless perhaps you were using hitherto in an informal context).

What does hitherto undreamt of mean?

You use hitherto to indicate that something was true up until the time you are talking about, although it may no longer be the case.

How do you use Blandishment in a sentence?

He remained impervious to all Nell’s sulks and blandishments. How sensible she had been to resist his blandishments. At first Lewis resisted their blandishments. She was impervious to his blandishments. She resisted his blandishments. She is no stranger to blandishments.More items…•

What does hitherto mean?

up to this or that time reveals some: up to this or that time reveals some hitherto unknown facts about her life.

What does those mean?

The definition of those is things, people or places that are indicated. An example of those used as an adjective is in the sentence, “Those cookies are delicious,” which means the specific cookies are the delicious ones. adjective.

What part of speech is the word hitherto?

adverbhithertopart of speech:adverbdefinition:until this time; previously. The child hitherto residing with his grandparents will be placed in the custody of his father.

What is the synonym of hitherto?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hitherto, like: heretofore, until now, previously, yet, before, formerly, so-far, thus-far, up to now, as-yet and til now.

How do you use compendium in a sentence?

Compendium in a Sentence 🔉The book is nothing more than a compendium of the author’s rants against the government. … At the exhibit, five of the artist’s paintings will be displayed together as a compendium. … The photographic compendium is an album of pictures showing many of the country’s military personnel.More items…

How do you use heretofore in a sentence?

Examples of heretofore in a Sentence Heretofore her writing has never displayed such depth of feeling. This technology has created heretofore unimaginable possibilities.