Is Chris Hemsworth Being Replaced As Thor?

Will Jane Foster replace Thor?

To cheers loud enough to shake Valhalla to its foundations, Natalie Portman took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H with the mighty hammer Mjolnir in hand.

Yes, Portman’s Jane Foster will become Thor in director Taika Waititi’s next Marvel Studios film “Thor: Love and Thunder.”.

Why was Thor so weak in endgame?

Thor’s weakness in endgame is not physical, it is majorly psychological. This was because he lost almost everything to Thanos and has been out of shape and the fighting business for 5 years.

Will Chris Hemsworth leaving Marvel?

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has said that he doesn’t plan to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe after `Thor: Love and Thunder,` the fourth entry in the `Thor` series. When asked whether Thor would retire after the upcoming movie, Hemsworth in a new interview asserted that it wouldn’t be the end for his character.

Will Chris Hemsworth return as Thor?

Hemsworth will reprise his role in the forthcoming sequel Thor: Love and Thunder. … Natalie Portman will return as Thor’s love interest Jane Foster, while Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi also steps back behind the camera.

Why isn’t Chris Hemsworth Thor?

“Chris Hemsworth” won’t be playing as “Thor” in the “Thor: Love and Thunder” because of “Natalie Portman”! … It has a discharge date of 2022 and sees Chris Hemsworth repeating his job as the God of Thunder for the ninth time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.